KPEX Site Specs

All creative must be served via a Demand Side Platform (DSP). If you don’t have access to a DSP please reach out to the KPEX team and they will organise a managed service for you.

For best practice, and to ensure impressions are delivered correctly across all publishers please ensure your creative meets the minimum specs below.

All creative must be fully secure, this includes any assets hosted on additional sites and any information called from different sites as well as the ad-tags and server serving the creative.


  • Sizes: 300×250 & 728×90
  • Max File Size: 80 kB
  • Format: .gif, .jpg, .png, and HTML5
  • Must be served using a DSP connected to the Rubicon exchange
  • Must be fully SSL compliant


  • Sizes: 300×250
  • Max File Size: 40Kb
  • Format: .gif, .jpg, .png
  • Must be fully SSL compliant


  • Dimensions (W x H): 620×350 pixels (16:9)
  • Max File Size: 3MB
  • 15-24 frames per second
  • Format: .mp4
  • 128kbps-700kbps
  • Outside of premium 30” video buys, video creative greater than 15 seconds must be skippable beyond the 15 seconds mark failure to adhere to this will result in the creative being blocked from running on the exchange. This includes both Rich Media and Prominent PMP deal buys.
  • Must be served using a DSP connected to the Rubicon exchange
  • Some of the publishers on the KPEX exchange do not currently support VPAID. To ensure maximum reach and delivery ensure creative is only running through the VAST 2.0 template.
  • Must be fully SSL compliant